Optimize Organizational Performance with Data Analytics and Insights

CrucialLogics can boost your profitability using data analytics, visualizations and AI to generate productivity insights. We’ll help transform your information into intelligence for your business



The number of firms that believe investing in AI will give them a competitive advantage.1


The number of companies using AI to detect and deter IT security intrusions.2


The number of companies the have begun to monetize data over the past 2 years.3


The number of analytics professionals who still use spreadsheets for data analysis.4
CrucialLogics’ analytical and Data insight solutions help companies concentrate on driving business results. We deliver IT infrastructure, upload and process data and generate comprehensive reports.
Our innovative solutions will give your company the competitive edge, including:

Analytics & Insight Reports give you clear, succinct intelligence on your business operations so you can concentrate on improving performance.


Data Security ensure that all of your company’s data is stored on secure servers with the highest data and IT security protocols and standards.

Data Science is implemented by our team of experts to guarantee data integrity during the development of predictive models, etc.


Faster Data Access means business insights are quickly actionable, customer experience is enhanced and performance is improved.


Artificial Intelligence is developed using best practices, resulting in an ethical and responsible AI program which will help you:

  • Get your company’s AI system up and running;
  • Develop marketing plans to sell your AI and generate new leads; and
  • Expose new revenue streams that AI presents and how to capitalize on them.

Organizational Business Intelligence is a comprehensive overview of your organization’s intellectual capacity that provides the tools needed to:

  • Design and implement data warehousing;
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), ensure data quality, and master data management;
  • Develop multidimensional and tabular data models; and
  • Deliver reports, dashboards and predictive analytics

Self-service Business Intelligence empowers users to analyze data with self-service tools, such as Excel and Power BI, enabling them to implement hybrid solutions.


Migrations from the cloud and relational database management systems (RDBMSs) to SQL Servers, including:

  • Database design and development, and;
  • Performance tuning
We can help you get your IT infrastructure and data up-to-date with a customized digital analytics and Data insight solution. Ownership of your IT infrastructure, data and all reports remain proprietary to your company, guaranteeing further peace of mind

CrucialLogics’ Analytics & Insights
Our analytics and AI insight solutions are designed to convert data into insightful information that can be used to drive operational performance, improve customer perceptions and identify IT security risks. Additional benefits include:

    • Rapid deployment – typically within 5-8 weeks
    • Expert advice on ethical and responsible Data strategy
    • Affordable analytics solutions that guarantee rapid ROI
    • Automated tracking on KPI, metrics and SLAs
    • Best-in-class data storage, monitoring and management
  • Regular software upgrades without any disruptions
  • Superior data science services you can depend on
  • Single fixed price to minimize operating costs
  • Comprehensive training and full end-user support
  • Increased IT security to reduce AI hacking threats

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