The IT Department as a Money Saver

Your IT department can look expensive on paper. Massive infrastructure spending requests, updates to old equipment, and a team of costly professionals to maintain it all. Sure, you’d like your company to have the latest cloud technology, but figuring out the estimated ROI of all this stuff is a complicated challenge. Although perhaps one of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is the potential for cost savings.

cost savings with cloud services

How do you Figure out What Cloud Services you Actually Need?

With all the information to sift through, it’s a major headache to make those spending decisions. Between Office 365, Microsoft 365, cloud migrations, digital transformations, Microsoft Azure, replacing datacentres, analyzing proposals for safety and compliance best practices, it never ends.

And even after the decision, these expensive technological purchases often go poorly utilized, with new features meant to bring those cost savings you’re always hearing about going unused out of users’ familiarity with the old ways.

But obviously, the competition’s got it right, because there’s no shortage of companies that have experienced repeated success with technological maintenance and upgrades.

Want to find out how to be one of them? How to get through a Digital Transformation and a Cloud Migration — at a low cost without sacrificing security?

The On-Demand CIO/CSO — Get the Best Advice at a Scalable Cost

When the IT budget doesn’t allow for in-house expertise, we recommend an on-demand CIO or CSO service. You get all the expertise of a relevant cloud computing for business IT expert without the overhead of hiring one yourself.

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Windows 7 Support is Ending — It’s Time for Windows 10

Windows 7 extended support ends in less than two years (January 14, 2020). Given that an upgrade will take some time, and too many businesses will wait until the last minute, that makes this year the perfect time to get the cloud migration done.

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Cutting Costs with Cloud Technology: How CFOs Can Leverage the Cloud for Any Budget

Cloud migrations deliver incredible new efficiencies at scalable costs — the CFO’s dream. But you can’t afford to get your migration to the Cloud wrong. This eBook holds everything you need to know to progress through your cloud journey safely, economically, and able to demonstrate the ROI from switching to cloud computing for business.

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