All IT Problems Bubble up to the CIO

You’ve got security concerns on all sides, a digital transformation to navigate, and cloud technology to evaluate. Sometimes, it all feels like it’s changing too fast to keep up.

But you’ve also got other departments on your case about IT’s performance — not to mention the board of directors demanding you demonstrate IT’s business value. How do you pull it all together and not only drive business satisfaction, but position IT as a key business partner in the company?

Business Satisfaction: The IT Department’s Perennial Concern

When everything’s running smoothly, no one notices the hard work you do behind the scenes — they may even question the point of the IT department. But when a fire breaks out, all of a sudden everyone’s got something to say about you and your team.

And when you’re fighting fire after fire — visible and invisible — it can get real hard to deliver on your real never-ending challenge: demonstrating business value and producing business satisfaction. It’s these goals that hold you back from positioning the IT department as a vital business partner that drives value rather than being viewed as technical support and emergency firefighters. And it’s these two goals that the minutia constantly obstruct.

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Testing your IT Compliance and Security

It’s not enough to set a compliant, secure system up once and forget about it. Standards morph with time and malicious actors update their methods to exploit new vulnerabilities. A safer IT department is one that takes the time to audit itself and adapt to evolving industry best practices.

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The Hybrid Cloud: Combine the Best of Public and Private

Is a full public cloud option not quite something your company’s able to get on board? Meanwhile, a full private cloud wouldn’t be flexible enough to actually be worth it? Well, you’ve got the whole middle chunk of the cloud spectrum to explore: your ideal solution may be a hybrid cloud model.

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Aligning IT with Business: How CIOs can Leverage the IT Department to Deliver Business Satisfaction

The IT Department should be a key business partner. In our eBook, learn from Case Studies on successful cloud deployments to inspire big picture change — and discover the secret to a building a well-regarded IT Department through understanding and anticipating business needs.

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