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CrucialLogics can help you build a successful collaboration and document management system, utilizing SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.



The percentage of Fortune 500 companies that use SharePoint.1


The compound annual growth rate of global data by 2025.2

175 zettabytes

The estimated sum of the world’s data in the cloud by 2025.2


The number of successful SharePoint sites deployed.
Our team of experts will help you unlock the full potential of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive to create a seamless, enterprise-wide collaboration and document management system.
We are Microsoft Gold Partners and can provide you with the framework for an effective document management strategy, including:

    • SharePoint: A web-based document management system for teamwork and collaboration. It is a highly configurable platform that integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.
    • Microsoft Teams: A comprehensive workplace communications platform that combines chat, video, file sharing and application integration functions with Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive.
    • OneDrive: An online document and file storage platform that connects with Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint via the cloud, making data instantly available on any connected device.
CrucialLogics’ technology experts have over 20 years of experience in executing complex document management and collaboration design solutions. Our team uses Information Architecture (IA) to establish how your content is managed and then presented to the end user. We factor in the best practices and first principles of proper document management, including:

• Metadata
• Content Types
• Taxonomy
• Enterprise Search

Working together we can help you optimize your IT transformation initiatives and the business value of your enterprise content.

CrucialLogics’ Collaboration & Document Management
Our solutions maximize collaboration any time on any device and deliver:

Optimized Data Protection

  • Secures data in the cloud and on site on all devices
  • Reduces the risk of IT security breaches and improves privacy
  • Ensures GDPR and other regulatory compliance

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Transforms IT management into business success
  • Increases document management efficiency
  • Promotes data transparency

Improved Data Management

  • Ensures data integrity and reliability
  • Optimizes information management and collaboration
  • Simplifies access to physical and electronic records

Accelerated System Adoption

  • Enables faster user adoption
  • Provides the tools needed to drive business value
  • Tracks user behavior to identify adoption progress

Why CrucialLogics
We can provide you with a business solution that will optimize your collaboration, digital data transformation and document management procedures.

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At CrucialLogics we can help you smoothly transform your IT investments into new technology systems.