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Data Intelligence Through BI, AI, and IoT

It’s one thing to have data — but it’s another to know how to use it. Having a Data Intelligence solution in place can help you sift through, isolate the relevant information, and understand how to use it to make better decisions.

Not having a modern Data Intelligence solution means missing out on opportunities for optimization and taking risks that are no longer justified in the face of available solutions. Compared to the competition, your equipment will be more likely to run inefficiently — and even more likely to fail. It will take longer to process your data, it will be less secure, and quite possibly a whole lot more expensive.

But if you want to leave the old behind and embrace the technological possibilities available, you’ll have some questions. What are effective dashboards? How do you make databases easier to query? Can you get virtual assistant integration? Is AI right for your business — is it ready? Can you integrate your physical devices and equipment in the Internet of Things? And can you keep all this stuff secure?

Business Intelligence

Get Started Quickly

  • Using Power BI, take quick control over understanding your data
  • Combine your cloud and on-premises data into one powerful data stream
  • Set up live dashboards and enjoy natural language queries

Advanced Data Features

  • Work with Cortana for seamless virtual assistance with your data
  • Publish directly to the web to share what you need customers to know
  • Self-service reporting allows anyone direct, secure to access what they need

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Development

  • Using the Azure platform, develop apps with built-in AI power
  • Build AI apps using GPUs optimized for deep-learning AI scenarios
  • Run large-scale, massively parallel development with Azure Batch

Open and Flexible

  • Any developer can get AI productivity for every scenario
  • An open platform allows for exploration of countless possibilities
  • Azure Machine Learning brings the power of flexible computing to AI

Internet of Things

Real World Data

  • Collect data from and monitor any number of physical devices
  • Analyze and act upon your data to improve your operational productivity
  • Microsoft IoT Central and Azure IoT Suite help you get started fast

Secure and Reliable

  • Use predictive maintenance to detect equipment failure before it happens
  • Per-device authentication enhances security across your equipment
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials allow for seamless cloud connectivity

Operate with Better Business Intelligence — Get Better Results

If you’re looking to deploy BI, AI, and IoT solutions, you’re on the right track. These technologies are transforming businesses from relying on inefficient, dated processes to breaking free with modern, lean, intelligent solutions.

Combining the power of machine intelligence with human direction and decision-making is producing scenarios of incredible success across the business landscape. Don’t get left behind.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, CrucialLogics is poised to usher you forward toward a productive and competitive future. If you’d like to book a meeting to explore what a Data Intelligence deployment could do for your business, reach out to us below and let’s get started!

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