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Active Directory Risk Assessment Plan

Active Directory is a great way of managing your identities, but it’s only going to be as good as you’re using it. That means you’ve got to understand the security risks and take steps to compensate for them.

With our Active Directory Risk Assessment Plan service, we’ll help ensure you’re operating at not only a high level of security, but the right level for your business’ needs. You’ll know you’re ready to counter intrusion attempts and have your priorities appropriately distributed.

Get the Most out of Active Directory

  • Understand how you should be creating and managing identities across your Microsoft environments.
  • Minimize the risk of data breaches by restricting access to data and privileges to those who require them by the principle of least privilege.
  • Rein in over-permissioned accounts and excess numbers of Administrators.
  • Educate users on and acquire high compliance with appropriate password and security responsibilities.
  • Understand where and when to activate multi-factor authorization to enhance security around sensitive information.
  • Audit your identities activities to prevent and halt both internal and external threats.
  • Develop plans to respond swiftly to cases of intrusion by disabling accounts before they have the chance to do damage.
  • Identify key areas of risk and close security holes on a pre-emptive basis.

With an Active Directory Risk Assessment Plan, you can be assured that your sensitive data is protected and that you’re ready to head off the threats facing today’s IT departments with ease.

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