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Microsoft Exchange Risk Assessment Plan

What are the best practices for running an Exchange Server? How can you be sure you’re operating at an appropriate level of security? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

You need Exchange to operate efficiently, but can you guarantee you’re doing everything right? If you’re not ready for the full range of security threats, you could be leaving yourself open to intrusion.

Our Microsoft Exchange Risk Assessment Plan service ensures that you’ve closed those holes and won’t be caught off guard when an intruder attempts to do harm.

Keep Your Microsoft Exchange Deployment Secure

Ensure your deployment is configured for maximum security. Technical configurations and education of users on appropriate security practices and responsibilities.

Develop a process to ensure you’re always operating responsibly with the latest security patches.

Establish policies for mobile access to Exchange. What’s allowed, who owns the devices, how to provision and retire.

Auditing Exchange allowing you to diagnose issues as they’re happening and protect against reoccurrence, as well as identity problems before they escalate.

What to do if a device is physically stolen — how to protect that data even when it’s in the wrong hands.

How to minimize damage, recover from a disaster and ensure seamless business continuity.

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