Secure SharePoint Migration Services

Migrating from one version of SharePoint (or other content management systems) to another isn’t easy—but we create a detailed plan to mitigate the risk and ensure a smooth migration.

Our SharePoint Migration Solutions

Network File Server & Legacy Intranet Migration to SharePoint

Are you struggling with scattered files and outdated intranet systems? Our SharePoint Migration Services unify and update your systems to make collaboration easier. We consolidate your data using SharePoint’s advanced communication sites, templates, and easy-to-use menus.

SharePoint Online Optimization and Consolidation

Enhance usability and navigation within your SharePoint environment. Our experts restructure your setup for optimal performance, making it easy to find what you need. We improve your system's performance and ensure that data is always secure and accessible.

SharePoint Legacy Migrations

Upgrading can often disrupt operations, but our expertise will migrate your data to the latest SharePoint version, whether hosted on your servers or in the cloud. You get the latest features, better security, and an enhanced user experience.

Third-Party Platform Migrations

We keep all data secure by centralizing your content hosted outside of the Microsoft environment. This allows you to move smoothly away from services like Dropbox, G-Suite, and Box to SharePoint, ensuring consistent governance and smoother collaboration.

Custom Web Part and Workflow Migrations

Trust us to preserve your customization as we expertly move on-premises setups and legacy workflows to SharePoint Online. In addition to making improvements, we ensure that everything works smoothly and is easily accessible.

Power Platform Integration: Apps, BI, and Automation

Empower your SharePoint environment by leveraging the full potential of Power Platform Integration. With this integration, you can utilize custom forms and data solutions through Power Apps, create insightful visualizations with Power BI, and implement streamlined workflows with Power Automate.

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Our Approach to SharePoint Migration

Initial Consultation

In our initial assessment, we ask questions to understand your goals, challenges, and requirements. We then provide personalized recommendations on how to attain your desired results.

In-Depth Assessment

To successfully migrate your data, thoroughly analyze your current sites, content structure, web parts, workflows, integrated systems, and security models.

Planning & Governance

We plan how your data will be organized, design new site layouts, and create rules. This ensures a smooth transition while futureproofing your SharePoint environment.

Data Preparation and Cleanup

We optimize, cleanse, and align your data with SharePoint best practices, eliminating redundancies and inconsistencies for a seamless migration. Our service streamlines your data for optimal performance.

Migration & Testing

With our advanced tools and iterative strategies, we perform your migration with precision, ensuring the safety of data integrity and reducing disruptions to your workflow. We thoroughly test before and after migrating your data to ensure everything works correctly.

User Training & Support

We empower your team with comprehensive training to help you use your new SharePoint environment. With our team on standby ready to help, any challenges are promptly addressed.

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Why Choose CrucialLogics for Your SharePoint Migration

Proven Methodology

We migrate your data in batches to guarantee a smooth transition and reduce risks. This way, your project stays on track with minimal disruptions.

Data Integrity and Change Management

We have experience in metadata mapping, content type migration, handling large data volumes, and workflow migration, and our team will be ready to resolve any issues that arise.


We use encryption, secure transfer methods, and access permission controls to safeguard your sensitive information throughout the migration.

Minimized Downtime and User Training

Our phased migration approach enables us to transfer data in batches, reducing downtime. We also have flexible scheduling and end user training options to increase adoption.

Post-migration Support

Beyond migration, we are committed to supporting your continued success. Our post-migration support includes knowledge transfer, troubleshooting, and optimization services that ensure your SharePoint environment evolves to meet your needs.

Certified Microsoft Partner

As a certified Microsoft Partner, our expertise is recognized by the industry leader. Rest assured, your migration aligns with Microsoft's standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability every step of the way.

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Amol Joshi


Amol is a senior security executive with over 16 years of experience in leading and executing complex IT transformations and security programs. He’s a firm believer in achieving security through standardization, avoiding complexity, and that security is achieved using native, easy-to-use technologies.

Amol approaches business challenges in a detail-oriented way and demonstrates quantifiable results throughout highly technical and complex engagements. Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic, Amol uses the Consulting with a Conscience™ approach to advise clients about IT solutions.

Amol has a BSc. in Computer Science, is a certified Project Manager by PMI (PMP), and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).