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Migrating from one version of SharePoint (or other content management systems) to another isn’t easy—but we create a detailed plan to mitigate the risk and ensure a smooth migration. 

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Why Migrate Your SharePoint?

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive plan for migrating from the existing system ensures that all relevant information is properly migrated and organized to meet user and admin requirements.

System Architecture

An information architecture for your new SharePoint Online environment includes designing custom workflow processes, creating forms, automating document management processes, and integrating existing systems.

Data Inventory & Assessment

A data inventory ensures only necessary content is transferred to the new version of SharePoint Online.

Security & Compliance

Take advantage of all of the features, such as better data privacy compliance features, multi-factor authentication options, encryption at rest/in transit capabilities, advanced threat protection measures, and more.

User Experience Design

We’ll design a custom user experience tailored to make it easy to manage day-to-day tasks within SharePoint Online without having to re-learn how things work.

Training & Support

Our training services ensure the successful adoption of the migration.

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Ashish Patel Chief Technology Officer

“When we announced CrucialLogics HyperCare as our new on-site support solution to our workforce, the entire room burst into applause.”

Mark Braun Executive Vice President of Investments & Business Development

CrucialLogics gave a fulsome presentation and delivered on it. Their knowledge base has been strong and the experience of working with them has been good.

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    We remove the barriers that make cybersecurity complex. We deeply understand attacker behaviour and how to secure against them.


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