Migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Migrating from Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) to Microsoft 365 is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses due to its comprehensive suite of applications. With our expert guidance and bespoke strategies, you can streamline your collaboration and productivity by seamlessly transitioning from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

Our Services​

Our comprehensive services include a wide range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Secure Data Migration

We analyze your Google Workspace setup and develop a personalized plan to transfer your files, emails, calendars, and settings without any risk of data loss.

Microsoft 365 Configuration

Our license configuration, security measures, and custom settings match your requirements precisely, ensuring optimal performance. We provide training and expert guidance on licensing and license optimization to help you maximize the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Phased Migration Approach

Experience minimal downtime with our bespoke, carefully structured, phased migration process. It is designed to ensure a seamless transition of your business operations to the new system without disruption.

User Training

We empower your team with customized training sessions, enabling them to navigate and leverage Microsoft 365's full potential. Our training sessions cover topics on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Outlook.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated helpdesk experts provide continuous assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance. Whatever questions or concerns you may have, our support team will be on standby and ready to assist.

Migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration Features

Mailboxes and Rules

If not done right, transferring settings from your Google Workspace to Microsoft can have severe implications. We ensure a seamless transfer that maintains your current file organization without losing your emails or settings.


We migrate all your contact information from your Gmail address book to Outlook, allowing you to organize your data for easy access. We ensure the process is secure and contact information remains confidential.


Transfer all events from Gmail to Outlook calendars while maintaining shared access and permissions. Stay organized and on top of your schedule, regardless of the platform you use.

Drive Files

Migrating files between different cloud storage platforms can be time-consuming and complex, but it can be hassle-free with the right tools and guidance. We migrate all files from Google Drive to Microsoft 365 storage (OneDrive or SharePoint) while preserving sharing settings and folder structures.

Migrate Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Why Migrate to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace?

Increased Productivity

Switching from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 improves your organization's productivity and efficiency. With its powerful collaboration tools and features, you can empower your team and streamline workflow.


We migrate all your contact information from your Gmail address book to Outlook, allowing you to organize your data for easy access. We ensure the process is secure and contact information remains confidential.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft 365 has advanced security measures to protect your sensitive data throughout the migration process. Gain access to advanced security features that help protect data from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Cost Savings

Consolidating platforms with Microsoft 365 can optimize your budget and functionality while reducing long-term IT costs. Migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 is a costeffective solution compared to maintaining two separate environments.

Performance Enhancements

Experience improved speed and reliability with Microsoft 365's cloud-based technologies, ensuring optimal performance for your business operations. By utilizing the latest cloud technologies, you can ensure your systems are running optimally and improve the overall performance of their applications and services.

Unified User Experience

A consistent interface simplifies workflows and enhances usability for your team. No need to manage multiple environments for different applications. Provide a unified experience, eliminate unnecessary complexity, and increase productivity among your users.

Recent Success Stories​


Amol Joshi


Amol is a senior security executive with over 16 years of experience in leading and executing complex IT transformations and security programs. He’s a firm believer in achieving security through standardization, avoiding complexity, and that security is achieved using native, easy-to-use technologies.

Amol approaches business challenges in a detail-oriented way and demonstrates quantifiable results throughout highly technical and complex engagements. Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic, Amol uses the Consulting with a Conscience™ approach to advise clients about IT solutions.

Amol has a BSc. in Computer Science, is a certified Project Manager by PMI (PMP), and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).