Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency 100% of the Time

We formed CrucialLogics with the philosophy of ‘Consulting with a Conscience’ to do what is ultimately right for our clients.

This philosophy translates into our commitment to our operating principles:

Understand our clients’ needs and why they are engaging with us and commit to delivering to meet or ultimately exceed their expectations.
Complete transparency in every aspect of our business from client engagement to our promise to our employees.
Govern ourselves to always do the right thing for our clients and employees. Doing the right thing versus profit always wins.
Value people and our relationships with them above all else.
Always ask if what we are doing for the client follows ‘Consulting with a Conscience’, and the answer will be obvious.

Careers with CrucialLogics

Senior Cloud Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, you will be a key driver behind digital transformation initiatives for CrucialLogics customers by designing, building and overseeing many enterprise solutions. We’re looking for a Microsoft Technology subject matter expert in the following technologies:

  • On-premises and Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and Exchange, DLP, RMS & Intune, Mobile Device and App Management
  • Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Platform
    Microsoft Cloud Productivity PlatformsReady to join our team that is Consulting with a Conscience?

    View the job description here