Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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Ensure your organization is prepared to respond to any cyberthreat with Mirador Managed Defense SIEM, a 24/7/365 SOC-as-a-Service. Our detection engineers monitor and proactively hunt for threats across your Microsoft environment around the clock. When we confirm a threat, we notify you immediately and present relevant context from across your Microsoft tools.

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Why Use CrucialLogics?


Managed detection and response services focus primarily on threat detection and response. Mirador Managed Defense investigates and handles the responses needed to resolve an incident. Our automated playbooks integrate with Defender’s LiveResponse API and your other security and IT tools to contain threats and notify internal teams upon threat confirmation.


Cybersecurity tools are not perfect, and some attacks slip through the automated defenses. Threat hunting is a proactive approach to cybersecurity in which threat hunters search for undetected intrusions within an organization’s environment. We collect malicious indicators from industry leading threat intelligence servers mapped across all collected data for enriched detection.


Effective cybersecurity requires an array of cybersecurity solutions that need to be appropriately configured and managed.


Detect complex and evolving threats across massive volumes of signals and against any data source with the cloud-native and AI powered platform.


Continuous finetuning of analytic detection rules for improved detection and log tuning to capture only relevant information resulting in optimized costs.


Use global and dedicated custom dashboards to view security posture and gain insights into critical security data to make informed decisions.



Ashroff Khan Vice President of Information Technology

“CrucialLogics and their CxO Advisory were extremely important to our organization’s stability when the pandemic hit – to be able to continue to function after everyone was forced to go home.”

“CrucialLogics’ unbiased, objective perspective added value to CCRM’s IT strategy. It also shaved over 30% off IT costs.”

Sandee Dela Cruz Senior IT Director

“CrucialLogics’ CxO Advisory is invaluable. Having that link to a bigger point of view is important so that I'm not in my own echo chamber when I'm looking for solutions to IT and business issues.”

Avril Kwiatkowski Director Digital and Technology

“I would definitely recommend CrucialLogics. They approach a problem with quite a number of different lenses to help drive best outcomes. They can be the doers, but they can actually be the support structure to help strategize through business problems as well, which is of great value.”

Mark Braun Executive Vice President of Investments & Business Development

CrucialLogics gave a fulsome presentation and delivered on it. Their knowledge base has been strong and the experience of working with them has been good.

Evan Ropp Director of Marketing

“They helped me grow up as a company. And we are definitely the better for it.”

Sandee Dela Cruz Director of IT

"You really feel like they are listening. You feel like they are aware and care about the issues you’re concerned about.”

Bhushan Vora Founding Chairman

"Once you start working on the cloud, you quickly learn how fast you can grow now that you’re not worrying about other aspects."

Jim Valkanas Vice President

“The CrucialLogics team understands our organization. They have helped shape our technology architecture and continue to help us execute our roadmap.”

Ken Cheung Manager, IT and Data

“CrucialLogics is very dependable, very transparent. They have the expertise on-hand. Budget-wise they’re very competitive, and I can guarantee that they will meet the project deadlines.”

Clyde Gonsalves Manager of Corporate Technology Solutions

“I was not looking for a vendor – I was looking for a partner, someone I could work with day in and day out. CrucialLogics delivered.”

Varathan Pathmahaathan Director, IT Operations

“CrucialLogics definitely has the technical expertise. But more importantly, they want to build a longterm relationship where both sides prosper.”

Thomas Grupp Senior Director of Technology

"The CrucialLogics team was highly motivated and worked with us tirelessly to complete this complex migration project. They didn’t stop until the job was done.”

Kris Philpott Vice President

“CrucialLogics is a partner you can count on and trust to be able to help you determine what you need without the upsell pressure. You can count on these guys to give you the truest assessment of what you need. I have no doubt that they can support the longer-term, bigger picture as well.”

How We Work

We remove the barriers that make cybersecurity complex. We deeply understand attacker behaviour and how to secure against them.


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Amol Joshi


Amol is a senior security executive with over 16 years of experience in leading and executing complex IT transformations and security programs. He’s a firm believer in achieving security through standardization, avoiding complexity, and that security is achieved using native, easy-to-use technologies.

Amol approaches business challenges in a detail-oriented way and demonstrates quantifiable results throughout highly technical and complex engagements. Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic, Amol uses the Consulting with a Conscience™ approach to advise clients about IT solutions.

Amol has a BSc. in Computer Science, is a certified Project Manager by PMI (PMP), and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).