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Understanding how to perform a successful cloud migration is the first step to success. However, to reduce your risk surface, deploying to a new environment demands solid technical expertise.

CrucialLogics helps you accelerate your digital transformation with our cloud migration services, complete with user adoptions and training.

Feel secure knowing we have deep experience migrating organizations to Microsoft Solutions.

Our Cloud Migration Solutions

Our migration solutions are designed to match the demand for cloud-based technologies and the need for efficient cloud migration solutions.

Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration

Transfer your emails, calendars, documents, and critical data from Google Workplace to Microsoft 365 with ease. Transition to an advanced system with minimal disruption.

OnPrem Exchange to Exchange Online

We facilitate a seamless, on-time, and budget-friendly transfer of mailboxes, contacts, and data from OnPrem Exchange to Exchange Online.

Tenant-to-tenant Migration

Minimize downtime and maintain data integrity during your transition to a new tenant. Our consolidation expertise enhances smooth navigation in your new environment.

Onprem Sharepoint to SharePoint Online

With a detailed migration plan, we transfer your sites, lists, libraries, and workflows, refining your organization structure. We enhance content collaboration and document management with a cloud-based SharePoint Solution.

Active Directory to Entra ID Migration

Active Directory migrations can be complex and daunting. In enterprise-size organizations, migrating from Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID can take years of gradual adoption.

Whether you are moving from a cloud-attached setup, hybrid environment, cloud-first, or AD-minimized stage, you can confidently navigate these consolidations and restructurings with us.

Azure Migration

With Azure Migrate, a highly extensible platform, you can seamlessly integrate with third-party tools. We tailor a migration plan that optimizes Azure’s diverse cloud services, maximizing your infrastructure.

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Our Approach​

A robust cloud migration approach directly affects the outcome. That’s why our approach prioritizes proper planning and execution.

Assessment and Planning

After thoroughly analyzing your current IT setup, we craft a bespoke migration plan for your needs.

Design and Architecture

We design a scalable, secure, and efficient cloud environment that guarantees a seamless integration of cloud applications and infrastructure.

Migration and Testing

Our phased migration approach minimizes downtime, while thorough testing ensures accuracy, compatibility, and smooth user experience during the transition.

Optimization and Support

Beyond migration, we provide continuous user support and monitor your cloud environment to empower your business every step of the way.

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Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges​

Migrating to the cloud presents hurdles that can hinder efficiency. We address these challenges with precision and expertise for a seamless transition.​

High-Impact Errors

The tiniest mistakes during cloud migration can disrupt operations and compromise data. With careful planning and rigorous testing, we eliminate this possibility.

Gaps in Expertise

It’s not uncommon to lack in-house skills required for effective cloud migration. Our certified specialists bridge this gap, ensuring smooth and efficient transitions to cloud technologies.

Imbalance in Business Needs & Technology

Choosing the wrong cloud solution can lead to increased costs, underutilization, and limited benefits. That's why we create a migration plan that aligns with your business goals, maximizing value and return on investment.

Integration With Other Technologies

Integrating a new platform with existing systems can disrupt workflows and create inefficiencies. We ensure compatibility, minimizing disruptions and optimizing performance across your entire ecosystem.

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Why CrucialLogics

As an industry leader in secure cloud migrations, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled security, reliability, and customer service.

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Amol Joshi


Amol is a senior security executive with over 16 years of experience in leading and executing complex IT transformations and security programs. He’s a firm believer in achieving security through standardization, avoiding complexity, and that security is achieved using native, easy-to-use technologies.

Amol approaches business challenges in a detail-oriented way and demonstrates quantifiable results throughout highly technical and complex engagements. Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic, Amol uses the Consulting with a Conscience™ approach to advise clients about IT solutions.

Amol has a BSc. in Computer Science, is a certified Project Manager by PMI (PMP), and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).