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Why Cruciallogics

We’re in the business of helping CIOs accomplish their goals from inception to implementation. We enable companies to enter new markets, transform their current IT investments, and transition smoothly to new technology systems.

Bringing in our CIO advisory team with technical expertise gives you more time and peace of mind to innovate and focus on growing your business. With our project management methodology, we’re able to design and implement technology solutions on a quick turnaround, and the cost-benefit pays for itself over time.

Call us at 416-843-3171 or email us at, and let’s chat about how our services can work for you.

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Our Services

CIO Advisory
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Providing CIOs and IT Leaders with the most valuable ways to maximize organizational effectiveness!

Enterprise Solutions
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CrucialLogics helps organizations to reach their full potential using Microsoft products and services.

Program Management
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CrucialLogics project and program management teams will help you get there.

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CrucialLogics next generation IT for next generation companies.

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Identity Management in the Microsoft Environment


Featuring Special Guest Speaker: James Booth, Senior Managing Consultant & Identity Architect at CrucialLogics with 20+ years of industry experience


Nov 20, 2018 | 1PM EST

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Recorded Webinar:

Identity Management in the Microsoft Environment

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Staying Safe with Microsoft

A CSOs Guide to the Four Critical Security Events

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Are you Ready for Canada’s New PIPEDA Data Breach Reporting Obligations?

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Get the IT Department Working for the Company

Running a company means knowing its potential. The IT Department is often a massive untapped resource that could be put to work differentiating through innovation.


The IT Department as a Money Saver

Cutting costs while retaining productivity? It’s a typical CFO dilemma. Through smart use of your IT department, you can come out ahead on both counts.


IT Security: The Ever-Changing Problem

You’ve been tasked to stay ahead of security trends in a landscape where new threats loom every day — from all angles. You don’t have to struggle alone.


All IT Problems Bubble up to You

When something goes wrong in IT, the burden’s yours. It’s time to make things go right and establish IT as the key business innovator it should be.

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