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IT Consulting for a Secure Digital Future  

When you take a proactive approach to security, you can confidently concentrate on growing your business. 

Safeguard your people, data, and infrastructure with our secure IT consulting services. Get best-in-country implementation with built-in intelligence and simplified management. 

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Transformative Outcomes

Business transformation isn’t just about services. It entails people, processes and technology that build up your stack.

Resilient IT Environment

A resilient IT environment is defined by your ability to maintain a secure environment even when technology rapidly changes. We use bespoke IT solutions to transform your business, ensuring streamlined operations, heightened security, and optimized performance. Our tailored solutions are designed to solve business challenges to drive growth.

Secure Microsoft 365 Environment

We apply our IT expertise to strengthen your Microsoft 365 environment, maximize security and protect your digital infrastructure. We ensure data integrity, robust threat protection, and full compliance through advanced configuration, multi-factor authentication, training and ongoing monitoring.

Secure Endpoints

Our comprehensive endpoint security solutions shield your devices and networks from cyber threats. This means your team can work without interruptions, confident that their data and devices are safe.

Secure Collaboration

Working seamlessly across demands a secure environment that protects shared information. Our tailored solutions help your teams work together smoothly and safely. Encrypted communication and access controls ensure your sensitive information is secure.

End-to-End IT Support

When IT issues don’t hinder business efficiency, you can focus on growing your business. With our team managing your IT needs, you will get comprehensive help desk support, stay protected from online threats and have round-the-clock monitoring to resolve any issues.

Incident Detection and Response

Incident detection and response (IDR) involves finding intruders, retracing their activity, mitigating threats and securing a compromised environment. Our proprietary methodology is designed to detect and respond to any threats that might pose a risk to your business. We continuously monitor your systems in real-time and take prompt action to prevent breaches.

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Our Services

Microsoft Consulting

Our Microsoft consulting solutions help you realize the full potential of Microsoft technologies. We guide you through every step, from crafting a roadmap to deploying secure and scalable solutions like Azure, Intune, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Cloud, Microsoft 365 (Office 365), SharePoint, and Teams. Our expertise extends to fortifying your Microsoft 365 environment, optimizing licensing costs, and ensuring seamless collaboration within a secure digital workspace.

Beyond the initial setup, we optimize your daily operations, enhance workflows, and empower secure collaboration within a digital workspace.

Secure Migration Services

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment of your current environment to determine cloud readiness, we develop a secure migration plan to accommodate new mergers, cloud infrastructure expansion or restructuring. We leverage cloud-native tools for efficient and secure data transfer, ensuring a smooth transition that minimizes user disruptions and mitigates risks.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Through cybersecurity risk assessments, we identify potential weaknesses in your network infrastructure and develop incident response plans to contain and mitigate cyberattacks. Our tailored security framework, aligned with your industry and risk profile, optimizes security and fosters innovation.

Managed Security Services

Mirador solutions include Managed Detection and Response (MDR) across all deployed Microsoft solutions and SOC-as-a-Service with Mirador Managed Defense SIEM. Prioritize cybersecurity and protect your sensitive data with these accessible and affordable solutions provided by our Canadian-based team who are up to date on hacker techniques.

Managed IT Services

Our HyperCare managed IT service is a white-glove service that provides a comprehensive support solution tailored to ensure meticulous care and maintenance for critical systems and applications. It includes a dedicated helpdesk support service for any inquiries, issues, and hands-on troubleshooting. HyperCare includes hardware, software, and mobile device support, along with expert knowledge for Microsoft 365, Intune, and Defender for Endpoint management. This personalized service is crafted to deliver an exceptional level of attention and support, ensuring systems and applications operate smoothly and efficiently.

Microsoft Licensing and License Optimization

Maximize the value of your Microsoft investments with our comprehensive licensing and optimization services. We guide you through the complexities of Microsoft licensing, ensuring you choose the right licenses for your needs and avoid over-licensing. Our experts will audit your current licenses, identify opportunities for cost savings, and implement strategies to optimize your usage.


Take advantage of our expertise and partner relationships to buy high-performance hardware. Equip your business for success with our hardware solutions, covering everything from laptops, desktops, servers, power equipment, printers and supplies, storage, networking and conferencing equipment. Our seamless integration and optimal performance empower your business to operate at its best.

IT Advisory Services

Technological advancements offer many benefits for your business. However, analyzing, implementing and deploying these technologies can be challenging and costly if not done correctly. When you partner with us, our experts will help you draft a custom IT strategy, stay compliant with regulations like NIST, ISO, ITAR (among others), and optimize your risk management and control architecture specific to your technology. Through our Guided Microsoft intent workshops, we demonstrate the value of your technology, improve security posture, enable collaboration, and make work seamless.

Our Expertise

As a Microsoft consulting partner, we specialize in Microsoft enterprise technology platforms. We leverage a combination of cloud, on-premises and hybrid configurations to transform your business.

Microsoft Entra
Microsoft Intune
Defender for Endpoint
Defender for Cloud
Defender for Cloud Apps
Defender for Microsoft 365
Azure Virtual Desktop
Microsoft 365
Teams Collaboration
Teams Phone System
Microsoft Licensing

Why CrucialLogics for IT Consulting

CrucialLogics is not any other IT consulting firm. We apply our ‘Consulting with a Conscience’ approach to help technology and business leaders make secure IT decisions.

We apply our Consulting with a ConscienceTM approach in our security philosophy.

A Sample of Our Great Clients

We've been privileged to collaborate with companies of all sizes, helping them refine their IT strategies. Our success is rooted in their success.

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Amol Joshi


Amol is a senior security executive with over 16 years of experience in leading and executing complex IT transformations and security programs. He’s a firm believer in achieving security through standardization, avoiding complexity, and that security is achieved using native, easy-to-use technologies.

Amol approaches business challenges in a detail-oriented way and demonstrates quantifiable results throughout highly technical and complex engagements. Creative, innovative, and enthusiastic, Amol uses the Consulting with a Conscience™ approach to advise clients about IT solutions.

Amol has a BSc. in Computer Science, is a certified Project Manager by PMI (PMP), and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).