Ensure IT Security and Data Integrity while Protecting User Identity

CrucialLogics can help you improve your IT security and reduce your risk of a data breach


5 Billion

The number of data breaches exposed in 2018.1

140 Days

The number of days that could pass between infiltration and detection.2

$15 Million

The amount of damage a business might expect per breach.2

2 Billion

The number of records compromised per year.2
IT security is an ongoing concern for all enterprises and requires attention 24/7. No matter the size of your business, there are forces out there constantly working to undermine your security.
CrucialLogics will help you protect your IT infrastructure and valuable data from modern cybersecurity threats. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Enterprise Security Assessment
Our security assessment delivers a thorough and detailed overview of your company’s IT security infrastructure, including:

    • A risk and vulnerability assessment.
    • Comprehensive penetration testing.
    • A social engineering security evaluation and compliance review. foundation for your IT infrastructure.
Based on the results from these analyses we will design a custom solution to remedy any security issues and establish a secure

Cyber Attack Simulation
cyber attack simulation exposes vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. We use the latest technologies to penetrate your IT security to analyze and report on:

    • The physical security of your technology hardware.
    • Personnel and procedural security controls.
    • Susceptibility to system and application-level penetration.
We engage the software and tactics used by hackers to ensure we identify all IT security gaps in your organization.

Cybersecurity Consulting
We collaborate with your IT team to develop a security management strategy. Together we design, implement and assist with a technology solution that:

    • Enables you to develop enterprise security strategies.
    • Delivers IT security management assessments.
    • Evaluates the effectiveness of your existing security tactics.
Our cybersecurity consulting services will help you build a secure technology infrastructure that protects your data integrity and maximizes your ROI.

Data Classification and Privacy Protection
We deliver data privacy and protection solutions to identify and resolve any data leaks. Our comprehensive data security capabilities include:

    • Classifying data according to sensitivity levels.
    • Securing the data collection processes while protecting user identity.
    • Ensuring compliance with the GDPR and other cybersecurity rules.
  • Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration
We develop a roadmap to reinforce your IT security and ensures data privacy remains protected and compliant with all regulations.

Cloud Security

We can help you tackle your cloud security, including identity protection, data integrity, access control, threat management and governance. We focus on:

    • Evaluating your existing and proposed cloud computing capabilities.
    • Monitoring your cloud security systems to ensure optimum performance.
    • Complying with international data protection and security regulations.
We deliver cloud security solutions that can be integrated across different technologies and cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Google.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

CrucialLogic’s CERT will collaborate with your IT team to identify cyber risks and coordinate responses and implement a solution that will ensure your IT security, by:

    • Detecting and monitoring vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.
    • Monitoring threat research and data analysis reports.
    • Conducting forensics and digital investigations and malware evaluations.
Our solution will alert you of threats through a malware submission portal, resulting in faster cybersecurity incident response times.

Endpoint Security
Most cybersecurity attacks are made through user endpoint devices. Today’s anti-virus programs are obsolete. Companies need to improve their endpoint security, by:

    • Reacting faster with better data insight and analytics tools.
    • Aligning your cybersecurity protocols with your business strategies.
    • Understanding and counteracting the modern cybercriminal.
We can design an endpoint security solution to ensure that your online team can securely work on any device from any location.

Security Design and Architecture
Your company’s IT infrastructure could be at risk of a cyberattack. Our IT experts will develop a unique, impenetrable security architecture that will help you to:

    • Assess the vulnerability and risk of a cyberattack on your business data.
    • Implement and validate your security designs and architecture.
    • Optimize your IT security management procedures for continued success.
With our innovative security design and architecture solution you will be able to manage your IT security for optimum protection and performance.

Security Design Assessment
A robust technology infrastructure is the backbone to protecting your company’s data integrity and security. Our complete security design assessment, including:

    • Conducting a comprehensive stock-take of your company’s IT systems.
    • Identifying all cybersecurity risks and missed compliance obligations.
    • Assessing the risk factor of your company’s IT systems to security breaches.
After our security design assessment, we will provide a detailed report with design recommendations and security enhancement optimization suggestions.

IT security breaches and data hacks can be expensive, both financially and in lost customer trust. Protect your business from all threats. Download our guide on secure cloud computing for business.

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